KYOSHO BOOTH→“FUN with the Squad!”「ホビーの楽しみが広がるモノコト」。


Firstly, I would give a sneak preview into the fascinating new products at the Kyosho booth, seen for the first in public in this movie. 



Hello everyone, my name is Takayuki Yajima from Kyosho Global Marketing Group. Thank you for your continued support of Kyosho products.


The All Japan Model and Hobby Show is on this weekend. All staff are busy with final preparations and we are looking forward to seeing you at the Kyosho booth. Enthusiasts like you have a deep appreciate of models so we want to show you something special.

今年の京商ブースのテーマは「FUN ホビーの楽しみが広がるモノコト」

The theme of this year’s Kyosho Booth is “FUN with the Squad!”

新しいパンフレットができました。e-Book( )



巻頭特集では「Kyosho Style」と題して、ホビーを通じたステキな人達をご紹介させていただきました。

Our new brochure is available as an e-book(Japanese). Printed copies are of course available to visitors at the Hobby Show. Please see the special section “Kyosho Style” featuring wonderful people connected through our hobby.


A highlight will be the test-drive experiences after the new product demonstrations. This year we have four test-drive experiences inside the Kyosho booth. Please check the timetable at the venue.

体験その①。一際、存在感を放つ体感型マシン「KYOSHO RIDE-ON SYSTEM 4D EXPERIENCE」です。RIDE ONシステムとR/Cマシンがリンクし、ドローンレーサーやR/Cカーのコックピットに乗り込んだかのような世界へ。離陸に、加速、減速、旋回、コーナリング、着陸、ジャンプ、そしてクラッシュなど、是非、4Dの世界をホビーショーで体感してみてください。

Test-drive experience No.1 is the remarkable KYOSHO RIDE-ON SYSTEM 4D EXPERIENCE that links the R/C machine to the RIDE-ON system so you feel you are riding in the cockpit of a Drone Racer or in the driver’s seat of an R/C car. Experience the full realm of R/C action in 4D, from acceleration, cornering, jumping and crashing!

体験その②。既存の様々なR/Cモデルに搭載することで飛行中の映像をモニターで見ながら操縦できるFPV(First Person View)を手軽に楽しめる「2.4GHz FPV システム KYOSHOオンボードモニター」を一足先にご体験いただけます。

Test-drive experience No.2 is the ‘2.4GHz FPV (First Person View) System Kyosho Onboard Monitor’ that can be installed on various R/C models for first person view control from a monitor on the transmitter. 

そして、体験その③。ステージの裏手にて「レッツ・トライ ドローンレーサースクール」が開催されています。ニュースや巷で話題のドローンレーサー、実は興味があるけどまだ触ったことが無い。そんなあなたにも、京商スタッフのやさしいコーチングで、お気軽にご体験いただけます。まずは、体験①、②の前に体験してドローンレーサーの操作に、予め慣れていただくと、より良いと思います。

Test-drive experience No.3 is located behind the stage and allows people who have never had the opportunity to fly a drone to test-drive the Drone Racer. Before attempting Test-Drive experience No.1 or 2, try starting with the Drone Racer under the gentle guidance of Kyosho staff to get used to R/C controls.



Test-drive experience No.4, Kyosho Racing School, allows you to learn the basic operation of a MINI-Z and indoor R/C and is located behind the stage. 

Please understand that only a limited number of racers can participate in each round.




Kyosho Village is located in Odaiba Venus Fort, just one train station away.

While open, the shop will be holding a raffle where everyone wins a prize. First prize is a MINI-Z Comic Racer or a Kyosho original fidget hand spinner, and if you’re unlucky, fifth prize is a discount coupon.

 Everyone who participates in a test-drive experience receives a raffle ticket (one ticket per person) that can be redeemed at the Kyosho Village shop until 9:00pm.

We are sincerely looking forward to you visiting our BOOTH.

(2017 第57回 全日本模型ホビーショー京商ブース)



■会場:東京ビッグサイト 東7・8ホール(東京都江東区有明3-11-1)

■入場料:1,000円(税込) ※中学生以下は無料



京商株式会社RCオフィシャルブログです。これまで皆様に閲覧いただいておりました「R/C CAR BLOG」、「SEA & SKY BLOG」、「MINI-Z開発室ブログ」の3つのブログを統合しました。引き続き、製品情報や開発情報、イベント情報などをお届けして参りますので、どうぞ暖かい目でよろしくお願いします。


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