Sorry! The Mini-Z fans in Japan.

I am writing today's blog for our fans around the world!

Firstly, I must advise our safety to you all. Because I think that some of you have seen the news about serious damages in Japan which were caused by a big typhoon in the last weekend.

Fortunately, and luckily, KYOSHO JAPAN and their employees and the customers & suppliers are all safe and we did not have any serious damages this time.

So please do not worry about KYOSHO!!!

However, about 100 peoples have been killed or missing until today and a lot of people in our country lost their houses and properties, to our great regret.

Let’s pray for them!

I personally think that the users of our products in Japan may not be in the mood to play RC now.

It is unusual for us, but we are going to release one Mini-Z ready-set (RTR) item which will not be sold in Japan.

That is :

No. 32613W

MINI-Z AWD Honda Civic Type R White

This set of the Civic car bodyshell on the AWD chassis is only for the overseas market!

From the information from our Iwasaki-san, the real Civic Type R (hatch back type) are manufactured in UK, not in JPN and exported from UK to the world.( I did not know this.)

So, this car is an imported car in Japan although Honda is a Japanese manufacturer.

Therefore, you may have chances to see this car in your country, I hope!

Here, I have to say sorry to the Mini-Z fans in Japan. This set cannot be purchased at the shops in Japan.

I am glad if you enjoy this set in your country!

Have a good weekend!!!



No. 32613W

MINI-Z AWD Honda Civic Type R White







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