Hello, I am R. Shirado working with Kyosho Corporation.

I am in the Purchasing Department, currently handling mainly with R/C toy

products. I have been introducing toy products but in Japanese.

This time, I decided to write also in English, so this could help more people to understand our products.

Hope you can enjoy it.

As a start, I would like to introduce you our toy grade drone:

"NIKKO Air Live Style Series"

This series is a long seller product, originally offered by NIKKO.

We totally have 4 drones in our line up:

3 of them are for indoor use, and 1 for indoor & outdoor.

This time I would like to introduce you:

Item No: A22927


Apologies, we only have web page in Japanese only.

NIKKO Air LIVE STYLE Type-400W uses 2.4GHz radio system, with 4 Channel:

Throttle / Elevator / Rudder / Aileron

Mode 2

With Camera pre-buit on the nose of the drone, which you can connect with your

smartphone to record short movies. You can take movies while flying, and emmit

movies "Real Time".

You can hold your smartphone on the transmitter with the clip included, so you will be able

to control your drone watching the movie emitted by the drone camera.

You can also fly your drone using your smartphone as a controller. Simply install the the app.

In this app, there are several functions:

Auto Hovering (helps to keep your drone to stay in the same place in the air).

Auto Taking-off / Auto landing (simply press the button and the drone will lift up until a

certain altitude (1 meter approx), and press it again to land). In fact, this is the most

difficult operation for a beginner. Just one click and the drone will be in the air.

"Way Point" function, you draw lines on the screen of your smartphone and press start,

so the drone will fly as the line you have drawn.

Auto Return function: this function helps you to have your drone back to the place you land off.

The drone comes with main rotor protector, which helps the rotor (propeller) not to hit the wall


Kit includes:



Clip to hold smartphone onto the Transmitter

Lipo battery charger

Main rotor

Instruction manual

All you need to prepare are AA battery for the transmitter.

It weights 51g only

Size: L142mm ×W144mm×H31mm

Frequency range: 20m approximately (depends on the environment)

Battery charging time: 90minutes

Flying time: 5 minutes

Spare main rotor included

Suitable to 10 years or older

The box looks like this!

Please enjoy the movie showing how does NIKKO Air LIVE STYLE Type-400W flies.

By the way, this is the entrance of our office in Atsugi, Kanagawa prefecture.

Available for the Japanese market only.

Personal comments:

I like its design, it does not look toyish, the red anodized part around the camera lens

makes the product looks gorgeous.

The flight performance is really stable. Something we could never imagine in the past,

let's say 10 years ago. This is thanks to the improvement of the gyro system, which helps

the drone stays in the air at the same position.

Due to this, it really helps you to learn the basic movements to fly an air model.

Its size and weight are factors that encourage you to try flying drone.

If it is big and heavy, you could fell always worried of what would happen in case you loose

control of it! Big accident! Terrible! But with this size you can also catch the drone in

the air. This will encourage you to play the drone together with your kids.

Thanks a lot for your time.

See you next time!


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