Thank you for waiting! (If anybody was waiting.)

As it is informed in this blog this week, the Mini-Z 4x4 ( Four by four ) ready sets are going to appear at the hobby shops all over the world in this weekend!

( It is truly regrettable if you cannot find them at your local hobby shop in this weekend due to the distribution of goods has been blocked by the coronavirus trouble, there.)



Yes, it was true that the coronavirus trouble delayed the release of Mini-Z 4x4 models 16-days from the date of March 12th 2020 that KYSOHO announced as the original schedule.

In fact, KYOSHO had big delays in productions due to the coronavirus trouble as well as all the other manufacturers around the world.


But very much fortunately, we can deliver our Mini-Z 4x4 models to you with only 16-day delay!This was difficult more than you can imagine. So now I, as the purchasing oficer of this item, am feeling happy to write this blog to you!



Some of you who are interested in our Mini-Z 4x4 models have already checked and seen the models’ appearances, I think.

So, in this blog, let me show you the appearances of their outer packaging so that you can find them at the hobby shop at a glance.


Ready set


Spare parts

With the newly designed green color header cards.



The commonly usable screws are with the regular red color header cards.


Look at the RC unit!

Unlike the other RC units of Mini-Z RWD/FWD/AWD, the Servo motor & Potentiometer Assy. is separatable for easy maintenance of the chassis.


ミニッツRWD / FWD / AWDの構成と異なるのは、サーボモーターとポテンショメーターアッセンブリーが、シャシーメンテナンスをやりやすくにするために分かれています。

I recommend you to buy this Stackable Terrain (5pcs) Set (No.MXW006) together with ready set model when you go to your local hobby shop.


Far more than you think, this item will make you enjoy your driving of the 4x4!

The carton box is this big as you can see the following photo. ( 67x53x54cm )

But the weight is only 2.41Kgs and light enough to carry because this item is made of cardboard.

想像以上にこの商品は、ミニッツ4x4のドライブを楽しませてくれます!カートンボックスは写真をご覧いただいたように大きいです (67x53x54cm)。でも、このアイテム自体はボール紙でできているので、重さはわずか2.41Kgsと持ち運ぶとしても十分に軽いんです。

It is possible for you to hand-carry it to your home, I promise.

Don’t hesitate about the carton size, please!

ご自宅にハンドキャリーでお持ち帰りいただけます。約束します。カートンの大きさをご覧になって怖気づかないでくださいね! 大丈夫ですのでw

And if you have a cat, as well as you, she/he will love this item without doubt!!

So you need to protect this item from her/his claws!

She/He will regard this item as claw sharpener mats.

そして、もし、あなたが猫を飼っているなら、猫ちゃんは間違いなくこのアイテムを気に入るでしょう! そう、このアイテムを猫ちゃんの爪から守る必要があります。


I really hope these brand-new items will be the goods that can make your indoor lives fun!

Thank you and see you in next blog!




Written by Matsui / KYSOHO Purchasing Dept.

京商購買部  松井


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